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About Us


Our Philosophy

At Four Point Financial, we pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to financial planning. When you tell us your goals, we reverse-engineer a wealth management plan to make those goals a reality.

You know where you want to go—we show you how to get there.


Our Team

Calling on our investment planning firm means you’re calling on a group of friendly, dedicated financial planners who are ready to go the distance to help you achieve your financial dreams.


With over 30 years of combined financial planning experience in the areas of insurance, investment, and lending, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got a proven team on your side:

Brian Farley, Certified Financial Planner*

Brian Farley is the founder and CEO of Four Point Financial. Brian is the past president of the ADVOCIS Greater Hamilton Area chapter and holds a number of designations which include Certified Financial Planner, and Chartered Life Underwriter.  Since 2005 he has been working with Canadian investors, providing professional advice and investment grade financial products.

Matthew Farley, Advisor*

Matt Farley is the co-founder and President of Four Point Financial. Matt has been a licensed advisor since 2008 and comes from an extensive background working at multiple financial planning firms over his 12-year career.  Matt specializes in working alongside his client’s accountants, lawyers, and family advisors to create tax efficient investment, insurance, and estate planning programs. Matt’s goal for clients is to put themselves, their families, and their businesses in a better financial position for current and future generations.

Patrick Falkiner, Mortgage Agent*

Patrick Falkiner has been in the financial industry since 2004 working for two major Canadian organizations. He has built his career working tightly with financial advisors, mentoring, and assisting their clients with home purchases, investment properties, refinancing, and debt management. He also has extensive knowledge when it comes to insurance and investment-based lending, to help individuals preserve and build assets. Patrick is very excited to now focus solely on the clients of Four Point Financial. 

Dylan M. Hunter, Wealth Advisor

Dylan (goes by Maxwell) has been with Four Point Financial for the last three years working as both an advisor and running the operations. Maxwell has an accounting degree from the Sobey’s School of Business and has worked in both the financial services and retail industries over the last 15 years. He is currently licensed to sell life insurance as well as a licensed Mutual Fund Advisor through Worldsource Financial Management Inc. Maxwell is also currently pursuing his CFP designation with the expectation of completion in early 2024.


Our Process

We pride ourselves in strong communication across all aspects of financial planning. From setting realistic expectations to communicating with your tax and legal advisors, we work with you to reach a clear direction for your financial future. Each plan is reviewed by a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who will consider your budgeting, investments, insurance, and lending.

*Brian Farley is certified to sell WorldSource Mutual Fund products, and both Life Insurance Products and Segregated Fund Products through The Gryphin Advantage (MGA). Matthew Farley is licensed to sell both Life Insurance and Segregated Fund investments through The Gryphin Advantage (MGA). Patrick Falkiner is a licensed mortgage agent. Matthew Farley and Patrick Falkiner are not registered in any capacity with WorldSource Financial Management Inc. (WFM). WFM is responsible for mutual fund-related business activities conducted by its Registrants and is not responsible for the business activities of other related or unrelated individuals and/or organizations.

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