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Planning is under-rated. If you think of successful businesses, strong strategy leads to execution of the vision. We with our clients on a balanced approach to their lifelong wealth plans.

Develop Long-Term Goals - When do you want to retire? When do you want to travel? Where do you enjoy spending money? Where can you develop better habits? The ideal planning process is about Four Point Financial developing a trusted understanding of their clients.  We have tools to help guide us of course, but our best results occur when we get to know our clients as people.

Discuss Family Goals - Thinking through all of your planning, we want to integrate your estate goals, your desires to leave money to your children and what security you ultimately want to provide.  We often set up meetings with your legal or tax planning advisors.  Do you have multiple investments? A Cottage? How do you plan to handle these family details. All points that are important when developing a financial plan.

Develop A Plan and Invest - Each of our clients is different. Our program takes great pride in the measure twice cut once philosophy. The more we know you, the better we can invest your capital and provide you guidance along the way. We can work with Private Wealth or develop you an investment portfolio with an array of the most up to date products and service.  RRSP's,  RESPs, Private Wealth, International Funds, Exchange Traded Fund Strategies are all available for us to best serve each client.

Continually Assess - It's not enough to develop a financial planning strategy and walk away. We meet with our clients continually, we offer up content for you to read to stay up to date and we continually assess the happenings in your life to see if the strategy we develop needs to be adjusted from time to time.



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