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Planning For Your Family

Life happens. Be prepared with a comprehensive financial plan that protects your family today… and tomorrow.

Financial Planning

The key to a successful today and a prosperous tomorrow is a solid financial strategy. Our financial advisors take your income, assets, and expenses into account to put you on the fast track toward your goals.


Develop Long-Term Goals 

When do you want to retire? When do you want to travel? Where do you enjoy spending money? Where can you develop better habits? The ideal planning process is all about Four Point Financial developing a trusted understanding of our clients—because our best results occur when we get to know our clients as people.


Discuss Family Goals

Family details are incredibly important when it comes to developing a sound financial plan. Our financial advisors make sure that our strategy takes your estate goals, your properties, and your investments into account. We’ll even work in tandem with your legal and tax planning advisors to ensure that the plan fits your unique circumstances. 


Develop A Plan and Invest 

Each one of our clients is unique—and the more we know you, the better we can invest your capital and provide guidance along the way. From RRSPs and RESPs, to Private Wealth* and funds that invest in companies that operate internationally, every client we serve has access to the most up-to-date investment products and services.

*As part of the wealth management process, we may refer you to other professionals for Private Wealth Management services. These services are provided as a referral arrangement with Guardian Capital Advisors LP.


Continually Assess

It's not enough to develop a financial planning strategy and walk away. We meet with our clients regularly, offer up content for you to read to stay up to date, and continually assess your life to see if your strategy needs to be adjusted.

PFYF:Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

It’s never too late to get on the right track for a comfortable retirement. Get a customized financial plan that fits the life you have and the life you want.


You’re ready for retirement when you can answer YES to these statements.

  • My savings are 5 times my annual gross income.

  • I save 15% of my net earnings in a given week.

  • I will be mortgage FREE by 50 years old.

Even if you answered NO, don’t worry—our wealth managers are ready to point you in the direction of success.

PFYF: Retirement Planning


Savings and investments are the key to achieving any financial goals. See how you can get your money working even harder for you.



A Registered Retirement Savings Plan gives you the opportunity to invest and save money while your assets grow in a tax-sheltered environment. Your funds are not taxed until you withdraw the funds them.



The year that an RRSP holder turns 71, they have a choice: either liquidate their account, or transfer the balance over to a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF). This account pays to its account holder and is taxed at the holder’s marginal tax rate.



A Tax-Free Savings Account is a savings account where investments can grow tax free. The funds in your TFSA can be withdrawn at any time without penalty or taxation. However, contributions to a TFSA are not tax-deductible.



A Registered Education Savings Plan is a tool to help parents save for their children’s post-secondary education. While this type of plan is not tax-deductible, it has the advantage of government contributions until the beneficiary is 18. Additionally, all contributions are returned tax-free; you just need to pay taxes on the earnings.

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